How to Create the Perfect Box Design: Tips & Tricks

Today we will introduce you to tips and tricks on how to create an attractive box design that will make everyone fall for your product. This has three parts be sure to check out all of them.

1. Utilize the Right Software

The first step and also one of the most important is to use the correct software for box design, use applications like Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, or Inkscape. Adobe Illustrator is the top choice for box designing, but Inkscape has been used a lot more frequently.

2. Make a Dieline for your Project

The dieline is the thing that you make that shows where your project will be cut or punctured for folding, and this is also a significant step for further actions.

It’s critical to set up your undertaking the correct route from the beginning, so you don’t lose time modifying and retrofitting a plan later.

3. Use the Templates Provided

Try to utilize the layouts gave by your customer or printer. And also, check again if the template will match the printer, and if your dieline is correctly measured, it’s an easy thing to check. But if you don’t check it and something is wrong, a lot of boxes will go to waste, and you will lose a lot of money.

4. Use a Pre-made Template

If you aren’t given a layout, you can always look for a format to use as a manual for spare time.

Or on the other hand, if you have a lot of freedom with the task. You can get creative and take a chance to start a custom shape box. It only requires an open mindset and a little creativity to come up with a perfect custom box design.

5. Design the Label First

If you don’t know how to do box design, start simple. Learn the basics first, like how to make a label design for your products, etc.

6. If all else fails, Cut it Out

Try to include only stuff that you like on the box design if you don’t find it engaging and attractive just cut it out of the packaging design.

7. Complexity is King

The box design you are making must be attractive to the customers. When creating the box, you would want it to stand out from all the other competitors, so try and add some contrast to the elements you think are the most important.

Don’t forget to go ahead and check out part two.