Promote a Lawn Care Business – Media Attention

Among the best methods to market your lawn care business is to consider publicity through getting local media attention.

Besides this being type of publicity free, it’s also very effective as it can certainly potentially achieve a large number of people.

Here are a few methods for getting the press to note your business.

Press Announcements

Submitting press announcements to local media outlets is an excellent method to get this done. Journalists might have thousands and thousands of press announcements to undergo every single day so you should try to make certain that the pr release really sticks out and it is newsworthy.

The Publicity Stunt

Doing something which is really crazy or different the public and also the media will not help to concentrate is a terrific way to market your small lawn care business.

One lawn maintenance business within my city offered a totally free ‘bikini’ mow. Customers registering within the two-week promotion period had their lawns mowed free of charge by a beautiful lady inside a bikini. Case an example of the publicity stunt performed effectively with a lawn care business however you’ve got to be careful you don’t risk isolating areas of your subscriber base or developing a negative picture of your business.

Start your personal Publication

If you’re getting trouble getting attention in the media in your town then why don’t you be a writer yourself.

The Web is an excellent method that can be done this. By establishing a small website like a blog that’s geared to where you live you are able to talk about your thinking on occasions and happenings nearer your home. This provides an outlet also to market your lawn care business.

A small printed publication perform well. A regular monthly publication about gardening, lawn care, flowers or landscaping gives people some thing helpful (and more prone to be read) than the usual flyer. You are able to sneak your personal marketing features in to the publication and make a more powerful relationship together with your readers with time.

Getting media attention is a terrific way to market your lawn care business inside your local market and obtain your phones ringing.

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